The role of consultants is a tight one for us. We’ve come to believe that the idea of miraculous growth formulas widely applicable to different businesses are outmoded. Each of our clients is a world of its own—a unique universe we step inside so as to highlight its hidden potential and foresee its future. Our approach is purpose-built for the companies with which we develop close-knit partnerships. We offer a holistic strategic advisory service and close support in the execution of the plans that will take them into the future.

We draw on the top tier experience of a passionate team with complementary skills that has trained vertically within companies akin to those we actively support. We’re not keen on trained consultants, rather we trust in the visionary minds of those who’ve built careers in the field and have the know-how to face even the greatest challenge or handle an unexpected turn. We never shy away from risks. Instead we embrace them and believe they’re what provoke the real cultural shifts within companies.

As part of 247 Group, one of the biggest and most successful companies in the global fashion industry, we mobilize our extensive network when approaching a new project.

We are More because we forecast and trigger processes of growth that transcend expectations. We project our clients into the future and empower them to change it too.



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